Friday, January 08, 2010

Posse Guns for Timothy Geithner, alias "Bankster's Delight"

Janet Tavakoli, President of Tavakoli Structured Finance, excoriated Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in a HuffPo piece. She challenged the New York Fed to show their AIG hand. Bloomberg reported Uncle Sam paid Goldman Sachs 100 cents on the dollar for synthetic CDO's, i.e. packaged credit default swaps.

While the heat rises under Geithner's backside, John Podesta's bloggers suggested Chris Dodd as a future Treasury Secretary. They ignore Dodd's receiving over $10 million in lifetime donations from the financial sector. securities & investment firms, insurance companies, and commercial banks.

Podesta bloggers recently called the PPIP program Geithner's, noting huge profits financial firms are making in the venture. Why didn't they call it Obama's? If the buck stops with Obama for the underwear bomber, doesn't PPIP also land there?

It turns out many have their gun sights on Timmy. The list includes Henry Blodget and Roy Sekoff.

Tim meets with President Obama today. They met yesterday, as well. Any talk of Tim's future? It might be difficult for the man who managed the first dip to banksters'' delight, to take on the second.

Update 1-19-10: Max Keiser interviewed Janet Tavakoli on his show.

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