Monday, January 11, 2010

Poltical Ad Whores' Race

Three stories on political ads combined in a most disturbing way. A NYT piece noted decreased restrictions on corporate and special interest group money.

The end of decades-old restrictions could unleash a torrent of negative advertisements.

Political operatives say (court) rulings and a deadlock at the Federal Election Commission have already opened wide latitude for independent groups to advocate for and against candidates.

The AP suggested Super Bowl style ads on the political race to the bottom.

Possibly coming soon to your TV screen: election-season Super Bowl-style ads promoting congressional and presidential candidates, paid for by some of the nation's largest corporations.

The third story dealt with Illinois political ads, where the Republican primary challenger tries to make the incumbent look gay. When asked about the untruthful ad, its sponsor said:

"It's very simple. It's to inflame the electorate."
Political ads don't need to be true under FCC laws. Combine that with hollow campaign promises and the basis for democracy shutters. The electorate must weed through purposeful lies from leaders.

Anyone believing this to be a new strategy should know Dirty Max Baucus used this very tactic. Max is one of dozens of Corporacrats, Blue & Red. Dirty Max did yeoman's work on behalf of for-profit health care. He even got nonprofit community hospitals reframed. They are now "private tax exempt facilities."

My guess is corporations will repay their lackeys. America's race to the bottom continues, steered by abysmal leadership.

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