Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bayh Poller

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh met with VP Joe Biden, Treasury Chief Tim Geithner and OMB Director Peter Orzag this past week. They talked budget.

highlighted Bayh's continued support for the Obama economic team.

He (Bayh) said Summers “wants to head us on a better fiscal path,” while Geithner “had to get his sea legs under him in terms of public statements.”

Everybody needs to get their sea legs when listening to head corporacrat Senator Bayh. He crystal balled the Massachusetts Senate upset.

“They’re concerned about rising deficits, the fiscal issue and it feeds into this animosity toward Washington,” he said. “On a personal level people say, ‘well, wait a minute. I’ve got to balance the family checkbook.

Feeding the animosity towards Washington? Might it be the Bayh family checkbook? The Senator's household is millions richer courtesy of for-profit healthcare companies. Wife Susan flipped her WellPoint stock options, grossing over $1.2 million. She stands to shatter that sum with her Dendreon holdings, valued at $3.4 million.

While citizen's checkbooks dwindle, the Bayh's remains ample, overflowing. The Senator faces reelection this year. He prognosticated on the race, which leads to today's quiz:

1. Take the following statement by Senator Bayh and fill in the blank.

“It’s a more challenging environment for every incumbent,” and “probably more for Democrats than Republicans,” Bayh said. “But the reports of my ____ numbers having declined are not accurate. I can tell you that from direct knowledge.”

Is it?

a. portfolio
b. poll
c. both

Only Evan knows, but it's likely "C" with the Dendreon run up.

How might his water carrying for private equity underwriters (PEU's) and sovereign wealth funds (SWF's) impact a buzzing hornet electorate? Having The Carlyle Group as a top lifetime donor doesn't sound soothing to an angry public.

Red Corporacrat Mike Pence may run against Evan Bayh, his Blue counterpart. The public would have a choice, black pot or black pan? Things look good for the corporate kitchen.

Update: Senator Evan Bayh will not run for reelection according to a source. Watch where he lands. His corporate water carrying should pay off nicely. Will he land on K Street like John Breaux or Trent Lott? Will Bayh garner employment with a private equity underwriter or sovereign wealth fund? They could sponsor him in future races, dwarfing his $13 million in campaign money. Evan could finally out earn breadwinner wife, Susan. The Bayh family pocketbook should improve mightily.

Update 2: Evan will have one last chance to block and tackle for the PEU boys. I bet he throws a wicked block on taxing carried interest as income.

Update 3: Evan Bayh suggested an economic crisis or terror attack is the only time Red & Blue leaders could work together to optimize America, i.e. only when scared citizens force them. America has abysmal leadership and Evan is part of the problem.

Update 4: Senator Bayh spoke on using reconciliation to pass reform before the Federation of American Hospitals, the for-profit hospital lobby. It would take the Senate into "unchartered waters." Funny, Bayh voted for the Senate bill renaming nonprofit community hospitals as "private tax exempt facilities." Evan Bayh is a chartered Corporacrat.

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