Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McCain's Wall Street Indignation a Fractal in The Democratixx?

Senator John McCain showed a touch of Wall Street indignation on the Senate floor. He did so while skewering the looming health care reform bill. Was chaining Wall Street shenanigans to a health reform bill, in an effort to take it down precipitously, drown it? Curiosity aroused, I searched McCain's donation history with Wall Street.

1. Merrill Lynch-$454,020
2. CitiGroup-$398,366
4. Goldman Sachs-$337,065
5. Morgan Stanley-$316,002
6. JP Morgan Chase-$272,960
7. UBS-$243,693
9. Credit Suisse-$216,053
10. Bank of America-$210,526
11. Wachovia-$206,613

Nine of the top eleven lifetime donors come from Wall Street. Add this to John's taint from the Keating Five scandal. Senator McCain is on the side of big money, in this case for-profit health care.

Follow the money. It's all back stage, behind the curtain. The front they show the public is the Democratixx. McCain is but one agent. They can replicate.

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