Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday PM News: Revealing

A late Friday search of the news wires usually uncovers how our elected officials have shafted us, or plan to do so in the near future. Take this story in the WaPo, published at 4:54 PM:

Health insurers could bypass some key reforms
Legislators are designing this new insurance marketplace to protect consumers from many of the pitfalls and inequities in the current system. But even as they focus on the details of how the marketplace will work, senators have indicated that they would allow insurers to continue operating outside it, much as the health insurance lobby has sought.
The exchange will be full of individual policies. To the extent healthy people go outside, as allowed, the worse things will be for those left inside.

Huge loopholes exist, like grandfathering in physician owned hospitals. The greediest parts of the system can drive profit trucks through the gaps. Simply amazing and a classic 5:00 pm Friday news piece. It has a weekend to die.

Blue corporafornicates as good as Red. The bill might be bipartisan after all!

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