Saturday, November 07, 2009

Award Goes to Frances Townsend?

Frances Townsend authored the Bush Lessons Learned report on Hurricane Katrina. Her "investigation" omitted Memorial Medical Center, the hospital with the highest patient death toll. Apparently the U.S. Airport & Seaport Police failed to read her whitewash. Government Security News press release stated:

The U.S. Airport & Seaport Police gave the Fred V. Morrone Nine-Eleven Award to Frances Townsend, the former chairman of the White House Homeland Security Council.
Ironically, another awardee at the ceremony makes evacuation aids. High Rise Escape Systems won the category "Best Clean-Up, Decontamination, Disaster Preparedness or Recovery Product." Their CEO stated:

"The real reward is being able to create an evacuation solution for a person with disabilities, a nursing home or hospital that has no plan except 'evacuate in place.'"

That exactly what happened in Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans. They evacuated in place for five days.

Recognizing Mrs. Townsend is patently laughable. She prepared to board a plane to Saudi Arabia, while patients lingered in toxic gumbo. When Fran returned, she crafted a report that reads more like a risk management document for Tenet Health and the Carlyle Group's LifeCare Hospitals than any credible investigation. Take her beastly advice with more than a shaker of salt.

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