Monday, November 16, 2009

House Bill Projects 8 Million Fewer with Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

A progressive think tank promoted increased employer coverage under the House Health Reform bill. It is a misrepresentation at best. The trend of employers doing less will continue. Here's the history:

70.4% of Americans got employer health insurance in 1999

58.3% received employer provided coverage in 2008

12.1% decrease from 1999-2008
Looking at projected numbers, we see:

176.3 million with employer coverage in 2008 (Census Data)

168.4 million with workplace health insurance in 2019 (CMS projection)

7.9 million decrease in Americans with workplace coverage under House bill
Please stop lying to the American public. Employers clearly want to do less. The government can't afford to do more. That leaves the individual responsible. I will be impressed if only 8 million fewer have employer coverage in 2019.

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