Monday, November 16, 2009

CMS Predicts 2009-2010 Health Insurance Carnage

SEIU President Andy Stern said employer sponsored health insurance is "dead and not coming back." Facts bear that out. In 1999 employers covered 70% of Americans under age 65. By 2019 that will drop to 50%. The Centers for Medicare/Medicaid released projections based on the House reform bill. It paints a bloody 2009-2010, projection employers to shed 12 million people from the coverage rolls.

2008 Census data--176.3 million with employer coverage
2010 CMS projections--164.4 million with workplace health insurance

That's a decline of 11.9 million in two short years.

Politicians are not talking about these facts. Speak up or become a pawn in the race to the lowest global common denominator on worker pay/benefits, taxes and regulations. Health reform is intended to drive down worker benefits.

More and more health care costs will land in the individual's lap. Corporations clearly want to do less and a tapped out Uncle Sam will sigh while holding empty pockets. That leaves you to pay.

Of course, Andy Stern and his union friends want to step in and offer group insurance plans. It's their way of making unions relevant in the Postmodern Guilded Age. The SEIU is no more your friend than the current gaggle of corporafornicating politicians. The whole red and blue lot is tainted. Spit polish can't hide it.

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