Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Which Political Shell Company Sent Letter Threatening Hispanic Immigrants with Jail for Voting?

In the game of dirty tricks, some organization sent out a letter in Spanish to Southern California residents “informing” them that immigrant voting could result in jail time. America has a long rich history of not only turning out desirable voters, but discouraging the undesirables to stay home. A new flood of tactics emerges every campaign cycle. Republicans have purposefully hired telemarketers to jam phone lines arranging rides for their rivals, while Democrats have knifed the tires of vans intended to transport opposing voters to the polls.

Of course the company will be a brand new venture and may even be dissolved post campaign. The key will be in tracking the people behind it. Who is trying to manipulate the American people? Who believes encouraging Hispanics to stay home will help their party’s chances of victory? Newer immigrants paying attention to the behavior of our elected leaders, likely feel the same as the rest of the population.

Send ‘em all home, it’s time for a new batch. While they may be green, they can’t do worse than the current crew.

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