Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Orwellian Speak

As the elections near with an angry voting public, Republican strategists seek to lay blame on the ephemeral “Washington”.

“There's no question that the Republican coalition is stressed over the way Washington has been handling fiscal matters, the Foley affair, the Iraq war," said GOP consultant Scott Reed. "All of these are coming together at the same time."

For those actually paying attention, Washington has a Republican President and GOP majorities in both houses of Congress. So a better description is the party in power (Republican) is being held accountable for fiscal matters, the Foley affair and the Iraq war.

The news suggests the White House braces for “guerilla warfare” should Democrats pick up majorities in one or both houses. Why would this be a problem for a President who says he is “a uniter, not a divider”? And how could a party “soft on terrorists” all of a sudden show its “guerilla stripes”? Is it due to their imitation of the Republican party on many issues? Who thought you’d see a gun loving, gay hating, free market worshiping, Democrat? Yet, they do exist. The South is rising again, this time on a national basis.

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