Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ill Health of U.S. Democracy Weeks before Election

What has the American democracy been smoking? Do we have lung disease as the electorate coughs up mountains of phlegm from elected leader indiscretions? The latest loogey comes courtesy of a Republican candidate’s dirty tricks in California. His campaign forged the logo of a group concerned about illegal immigration in a Spanish letter sent to 14,000 Democratic households. It threatened immigrants with jail time for voting.

A recently released poll reveals other dark spots on the electorate’s lungs. Half of Americans believe most Congressmen are on the take. Over one third, 36% believe their Congressional representatives are corrupt.

This is the cover story on the latest issue of the Rolling Stone magazine. The Worst Congress Ever details the practices that sent our American democracy to the brink of the precipice. Will the electorate bring us back from the edge of the cliff come November 7th?

If they vote for change will it translate into reality? Most (61%) believe electronic voting systems will not count all votes, either a result of hacking or direct action by those in charge of conducting the count. Only 31% have complete confidence in an accurate vote count.

While not yet sick enough to be hospitalized, the American democracy doesn’t have far to go. If the ambulance is called everyone hope Uncle Sam has an employer funded health savings account to cover his patient liability. And should he need a pacemaker or motorized wheelchair, those are getting harder to come by! Keep your fingers crossed for our emphysemic democracy. The next major cough could be a real lunger!

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