Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Man Really Responsible for that Saddam al Qaida Connection? John Mark Karr!

In a Bush like wave of denial John Mark Karr rode the news channels last night. From Larry King to Fox News John Mark and his attorney rewrote recent history with implausible denials. Do Bush, Cheney, Rice and Karr not think people watch their speeches or listen to their words? They must not. The Bushies know where to go for their next pathological liar.

John Mark Karr responded to Larry’s question as to why he would admit to killing JonBenet with “I don't recall ever saying that I did anything, so that's where I'm confused about the question as well.”

President George W. Bush said this morning at bill signing “The Military Commissions Act will provide a fair trial in which the accused are presumed innocent, have access to an attorney and can hear all the evidence against them." None of these are guaranteed, so not in all cases will the law “provide”.

Will we see the Creepy Ticket of Cheney/Karr in ’08? “Vote for us, we can lie our asses off on TV!”

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