Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Break for BushCo: Major Oils Profit to be Down $2.17 Billion from Last Year

Simply livid voters will be turning out to the polls in two weeks thanks to big oil dropping the price of gasoline at the pump. The margin sacrifice the companies endured still mean big profits of over $30 billion for the 5 biggest firms, but compared to last year they left $2.17 billion on the table.

Had they set another profit record then legions of enraged voters would be checking the box of any non-incumbent candidate. Voters still may do such a thing given widespread government corruption and the Mark Foley scandal but incumbents have a chance to stay in office given the sacrifices made by big oil.

Will they send a thank you note, especially the Republicans garnering 83% of those $13.5 million in oil and gas political donations? Why does one party have a bigger feeding frenzy at the oil & gas corporate money trough? Kay Bailey Hutchison must be getting rather rotund with over $250,000 in slop from big oil…

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