Monday, February 17, 2014

Water Fund Slides to Show?

Prior City Council presentations on the Water Operating Fund have been a drought of information.  That may change when new Finance Director Tina Bunnell presents her slides for the following agenda item:

21.  Discussion and possible action related to the impact of current drought level restrictions and the sustained financial performance of the Water Operating Fund.

I offer a few questions for consideration:

1.  What's the history of the Water Operating Fund, recent and otherwise? 

2.  What transfers occurred from the Water Operating Fund, when, for how much and for what purpose(s)?  

3.  How much has the city collected from citizens for pumping fees vs. the actual cost of pumping?  What other water associated fees have been added the last few years and how to they relate to any underlying costs?

4.  How does this concern relate to the reclaimed water study approved for negotiation in the last City Council meeting?  How much value does 8,000 acre feet of reclaimed water have on an annual basis?

We'll see what information the City provides.  Hopefully, it's substantive.  This topic merits a complete presentation and time for digestion. 

Council action should wait for citizens to be heard, especially those who can't spend most of a work day to publicly weigh in.  Two weeks wait should be doable.

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