Sunday, February 02, 2014

Elizabeth Grindstaff's Short Cooling Off Period with City

Assistant City Manager Elizabeth Grindstaff's last day with the city was October 2, 2012.  She left to become Vice President for Texas Pacifico, our regional rail hauler.  Within four months City Council appointed Grindstaff to the Airport Advisory Board. 

City Council will consider whether to approve nearly $250,000 in economic development funds for Texas Pacifico for up to 33 jobs created for the period 2013-2014.  If Council acts on the Development Corporation's recommendation, the city could be funding Texas Pacifico jobs created a mere three months after Grindstaff left city employment.  City Council members need to be off Council for six months prior to being eligible for economic development funding.

Given Elizabeth Grindstaff's clear role in the Furniture Fiasco, I'm puzzled by the rush of love shown after she quit City Hall.  This is why City Manager Daniel Valenzuela should release the results of his internal investigation into the ordering and installation of over $100,000 in Water Department furniture without required approvals.

I believe truth and reconciliation are in order for Elizabeth Grindstaff's or Will Wilde's employers to garner city business or taxpayer funded incentives.  Yet, that prospect looms this Tuesday for Grindstaff and Texas Pacifico.

Update 2-5-14:  City Council denied the Development Corporation's request for nearly $250,000 for 33 jobs. As the meeting is yet to be televised, I must rely on the Standard Times report.

Update 2-27-14:  Grindstaff filed to run for City Council in Single Member District #5.  If she wins she'll sit next to the Councilwoman who appointed Grindstaff to the Airport Board.  

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