Tuesday, February 11, 2014

City Council History Reduced to Three Months

Anyone expecting the City's new website to have the rich historical trove of the old is sorely disappointed at this stage.  City Council history has been reduced to three meetings and unfilled spaces for the last two years.  Searches on critical issues of the last few years produced nothing.

This morning I had a simple question:  How far has the city come in pegging starting police salaries at 85% of comparable cities?  I recall City Council having discussions on this topic under City Managers Tom Adams and Harold Dominguez.  Fortunately, I had a former police chief to contact.  He's aging, but his mind is a treasure trove.  I considered the City's former website in a similar vein.  It's gone for now.

Update 2-13-14:  "The City Clerk is slowly loading past Council minutes and agendas on the new website. It’s a lot of materials, so it will take a little time."--Anthony Wilson, Public Information Officer

Update 2-17-13:  The City website has 23 sets of City Council minutes for 2013 and 16 for 2012.  Missing are the minutes from 10-16-12, City Manager Daniel Valenzuela's first Council session and the debut of San Angelo's Furniture Fiasco

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Jim Turner said...

I have agenda packets back through 2010 and budgets and a few other documents back farther then that.

This is the third, maybe fourth website the city has had since I've been paying attention. Some stuff gets lost, some added each time. One thing that will help this time is that much of the recent city information is on slideshare, facebook, and youtube. Those channels are still there and about 2 years of council presentations are on slideshare.

You want information about what's happened in the city of San Angelo for the last few years, try their social media channels first. I hope that most of it makes it onto the cities website but I'm not holding my breath.