Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Public Information Suffers Technical Issues: TV & New Website

The City of San Angelo has a new website, stunning in design and numbing in use from repeated page load failures.  Oddly, the first page failures I experienced were under City Council.  The link to today's City Council meeting failed.  The news link on "SATV experiencing multiple difficulties" also failed.

I look forward to both the website and Channel 17 being rich sources of information once again.

Update 2-5-14:  "The reason you had problems with the new website last night was that you probably were accessing it at the time it was loading. Vision Internet says that typically takes a few hours. You might try again. Point your browser to www.cosatx.us.  And thanks for helping promote our stunning new site." Anthony Wilson, Public Information Officer, City of San Angelo, Texas

Update 2-6-14:  I obtained a DVD of this week's Council meeting from Anthony.  While there he asked about my experience with the website.  I said I searched "reclaimed water" and nothing came up.

I told Anthony a similar search several days ago produced dozens of documents.  Anthony said the new website uses Google search and it could be weeks before it populated searches to the level of the previous website.   I'll keep searching "reclaimed water" and let you know when the website is back to its prior level of performance.

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