Sunday, February 02, 2014

Reclaimed Water Study: Alan Plummer Associates Flashback

San Angelo's City Council will consider hiring a consultant to provide advice on reclaimed water use.  The Standard Times reported:

The city will consider hiring experts to explore uses for San Angelo’s wastewater.

“We always look for alternatives when it comes to water, whether there’s a long-term drought or not,” said Kevin Krueger, the city’s assistant director of Water Utilities. “We want to make sure we look at the big picture of wastewater usage.”

On Tuesday, the City Council will consider authorizing staff to negotiate a contract with Alan Plummer Associates Inc. — a regional water consultant — for a reclaimed water alternatives study for San Angelo.

The study will explore nonpotable and potable reuse, offer a summary of state regulations and identify potential projects.
If this feels like a deja vu, consider City Council minutes from March 7, 2006:

Water Utilities Director Will Wilde presented background information and reported staff had received a final report on the Reclaimed Water Feasibility Study (submitted by Allen Plummer Associates, Inc. and part of Supplemental minutes). He stated the consultants were charged with looking at the various options available to the City, had identified potential customers for the reclaimed water, suggested options for direct use, and identified treatment updates to accommodate the reclaimed water. Mr. Wilde advised studies continue on various new chemicals, reuse of effluent water, underground aquifer treatment, and reverse osmosis treatment process with associated cost varying up to $50-60 million.

Mayor Lown directed staff to develop a condensed executive summary listing the various water projects, a status report of each project, funding mechanisms available to the city, and a timeline for completion.
Water Chief Will Wilde had one use in mind for reclaimed water, cheap irrigation water for his hobby cotton farm.  He executed that strategy in December 2007.

Given Will Wilde hired Alan Plummer Associates in 2006, might Alan Plummer return the favor and subcontract work to Wilde Engineering in 2014?  Alan Plummer's bid represented a team of consultants.  Will the broader team be identified at City Council this Tuesday?  Remember, it's Surprising San Angelo.

Update 2-4-14:  Alan Plummer Associate's partners on this study include Enprotec/Hibbs-Todd and LBG-Guyton Associates.  If a Wilde were to work on the project it would have to be a secondary subcontractor role.  That would be one level deeper than Blake Wilde's work on the Hickory pipeline.  It appears no Wilde's will be on the reclaimed water team.

Update 2-5-14:  City Council approved negotiations with Alan Plummer on the reclaimed water study.   The Standard Times stated the reclaimed water irrigation deal Wilde sealed requires parties give a year's notice before backing out.

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