Friday, August 24, 2012

MedHab's Coming to Town!

The Standard Times reported on a City of San Angelo press release.  It stated:

MedHab, a medical device company, has agreed to establish a plant that will create up to 227 jobs in San Angelo following Tuesday’s approval by the City Council of an incentive package that could earn the company $3.54 million in performance-based assistance.

City Public Information Director Ty Meighan called it months ago as San Angelo's to lose. Angelo State University President Dr. Rallo stated MedHab was coming in the Summer edition of ASU Magazine.

Council approved the contract on Tuesday. Mayor New's MedHab got one heck of a nondebt, nonequity capital injection from San Angelo taxpayers. That has to help the odds of mezzanine financing.

Someday MedHab will update their news page on their website, which missed the company's last fourteen months of news stories.

 MedHab has a new logo.  How long before they reveal their new website?

I find it interesting how the cast of characters changed between January, when council approved the MedHab incentive, and August, when council officially approved the contract.  Gone are City Manager Harold Dominguez, COASDC's Donna Osborne and Public Information Director Ty Meighan. 

New Public Information Director Anthony Wilson issued press releases despite not officially entering the role until September 1.  Anthony's early work will center on informing the community of his potential new bosses.  A new City Manager could be announced September 5.

Anthony's start might not be as exciting as Ty's, when popular Mayor J.W. Lown resigned his position after being re-elected for the fourth time.  Lown skipped the induction ceremony for personal reasons.  That move gave us Mayor Alvin New and his MedHab Board slot and equity stake.

Funny, the public loved J.W., but didn't appreciate Council's chess moves enabling the Mayor to keep his position and MedHab stake.  I wonder how New's investment will perform given a $3.6 million potential capital injection, courtesy of San Angelo taxpayers? 

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