Friday, August 17, 2012

Harold's Longmont Update

Former San Angelo City Manager Harold Dominguez unpacked two familiar moves in his new position in Longmont, Colorado.  The first concerned a tight budget and the use of "one time money."

Dominguez said that untangling the ongoing expenses from the one-time money will probably be a two-year process

San Angelo workers and retirees heard Harold opine on federal "one time money" intended to keep health insurance affordable for retirees.  Harold and City Council sat on that money while premiums soared for retiree dependents in 2011.

Harold's second familiar move involved adding chiefs in the midst of a tight budget.  In Longmont Dominguez plans to add two assistant city manager positions and named Sandi Seader to one post.

The move is part of a re-organization by new city manager Harold Dominguez, who said he's been looking for ways to make the city's organization more flexible and interdependent, and to free up some of its managers -- including himself -- to work more on the big picture. 
Work more on the big picture?  I find it hard to believe that anyone can add two top jobs in today's world.  Some leaders can do the work, others can't.   Those who can't need someone to make them look good, as well as serve the locus of blame.  Longmont, it's your first clue. 

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