Monday, August 06, 2012

WTU Plant Property Zoned Out of Industrial?

San Angelo City Council will discuss the former WTU power plant on Lake Nasworthy.  Council will consider a zoning change from Industrial to Transitional.  The information packet presented background information.  An Assistant City Manager stated:

... the owner of the property is likely looking for some support from the city as per her discussions with the owner, and their ambitions for the property moving forward were not industrial in nature.
This leads to Councilman Hirschfeld's hot topic, the Master Developer for Downtown San Angelo.  Might a lake project become a development teaser or icing on the cake? 

Should the City join forces with the transitional property owner, a developer would have access to over 300 acres at Lake Nasworthy.  Mixed residential and commercial might optimize returns for a developer.

How much will the city subsidize private development in downtown and at the lake?  It remains to be seen.

Update 9-25-12:  City Council awarded $335,000 to Gateway Planning Group to make plans for Lake Nasworthy development.   Gateway Planning is part of joint venture that submitted the only bid for the City's Downtown master developer.  Gateway is at the core of San Angelo development.  Interim City Manager Michael Dane said the developer would cost something.  I would suggest there are initial costs.  What often follows are various forms of public subsidy, direct and indirect.  I expect these numbers to dribble out over time.  Who will total them so the public can view a running tally?

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