Sunday, August 19, 2012

MedHab Update

MedHab's promised summer launch leaked into "by the end of the year," according to a recent update from ASU's Small Business Development Center.

The City of San Angelo will entertain an economic development contract with MedHab at its August 21 Council Meeting.  The contract details the first five components of the city's offer, as presented in early January.  Not included are tax rebate commitments or the value of foregone rent.

MedHab has a new logo and could garner a nearly $2.8 million non-debt, non-equity cash injection, courtesy of San Angelo taxpayers.

Will the public recall Council changing conflict of interest standards which allowed the Mayor to keep his job, his MedHab equity stake and Board of Director position?  
How has public sentiment changed since January?  Regardless, the deal is ready to be done.

Update 8-21-12:  The Standard Times ran a piece on MedHab's incentive agreement.


Anonymous said...

Mr New has a vested interest in MedHab no matter how you cut it.
My question to him is, if this company is a sure thing, why not invest your own money instead of taxpayers. If it is not a sure thing, why risk taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but the fire fighters association has been asking for higher ambulance rates for years. The money identified would solve our pay scale problems and improve the absolutely dismal morale in that dept. Instead the chief and city management want to spend that money on a training center we do not need.
Sorry I cannot leave a name!