Saturday, June 23, 2012

ASU's Rallo Says MedHab Jobs Coming

Angelo State University President Dr. Joseph Rallo was the first to say MedHab jobs are definitely coming to San Angelo.  He did so in ASU Magazine's summer edition.

“In the long run,” Rallo said, “this private- and public-sector partnership will benefit San Angelo and the Concho Valley with a new firm that will employ dozens, if not more, from this area in production.”

I don't know how MedHab's $3.6 million in economic incentives qualify as a public-private partnership.  It's a taxpayer provided nondebt, nonequity capital injection. 

ASU Magazine broke the information vacuum on MedHab's future plans.

If everything goes according to plan, MedHab will launch its U.S. sales by year’s end, pending FDA approval. Additionally, MedHab plans to market the device in Australia, England, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, potentially opening up additional opportunities for ASU participation in adapting software to those languages.
MedHab was slated to launch its product in Australia in Summer 2012.  Ross failed to address this issue, however he did say:

“MedHab’s relationship with ASU is nothing less than spectacular, and I expect it to continue to grow,” Ross said.
Maybe MedHab will update their news section of their website and include the ASU Magazine story.  Surely, these developments are more significant than winning an elevator pitch.

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