Saturday, June 30, 2012

No New Money for Health Insurance

San Angelo City Council's summer budget guidance suggests no new money for health insurance.  Budget discussions show $1.15 million in new revenue and nearly $3 million in reasonable requests, none of which were employee/retiree health insurance.

Budget numbers showed a half cent property tax decrease and $435,000 in tax rebates to three area employers.  That money is not available to help with any increases in health insurance premiums for city retirees/workers.

Council discussed 3% raises, which could be distributed on a merit basis.  How much might rising premiums eat into this?  The City's recent history had the lion's share of cost increases going to employees/retirees, while the savings went into city coffers. 

City Council cancelled their July 3rd meeting, setting a budget workshop for July 10.  The odd thing about the city, which received an award for financial transparency, is Council is dealing only with budget numbers, proposed vs. current year.  There is no actual history, i.e. what happened and what we project to happen in the final months.  It's an intelligent guess vs. another in the making.  Watch the end of the June 19 Council meeting for confirmation.  I don't expect this information to make the minutes.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that insurance was not even mention by staff or council points to only one conclusion, they will again wait till the last minute to reveal the numbers and heap more cost on an underpaid and understaffed workforce.

Sorry I cannot leave my name the last time I spoke ill of staff or the council I was told to let it be or go find another job.