Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Obama Slips into Ehud Barak's meeting with General James Jones

President Obama joined Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak in his meeting with White House National Security Adviser General James L. Jones. Jerusalem Post reported:

Obama's visit was seen as particularly meaningful, as it came just a few hours before he was to set off for Saudi Arabia and then Egypt, and following several statements criticizing Israel for its settlement policy.

It was seen as an effort to show a balanced approach and give Israel a boost amid the US administration's outreach to the Muslim world, which will include a visit to Riyadh on Wednesday and a major speech in Cairo on Thursday.
Is that Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod orchestrated spin? History shows Senator Obama supporting Israel's pummeling of Lebanon, its democratic neighbor to the north in 2006. President Elect Obama endorsed Israel's razing of Gaza, approved by General James L. Jones and Hillary Clinton (the words of Tony Blair). President Obama had this to say in support of Israel:

"There's no doubt that the United States has a special relationship with Israel. There are a lot of Israelis who used to be Americans. There [are] huge cross-cultural ties between the two countries. I think that as a vibrant democracy that shares many of our values, obviously we're deeply sympathetic to Israel."

And, he added, "I would also say that given past statements surrounding Israel; the notion that they should be driven into the sea, that they should be annihilated, that they should be obliterated - the armed aggression that's been directed toward them in the past - you can understand why not only Israelis would feel concerned, but the United States would feel it was important to back this stalwart ally."

Vibrant democracy? I thought democracies didn't attack other democracies.

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