Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama-Led Democrats Plan to Cave

In his press conference, President Obama called for a "public option that's not profit driven."

Linda Douglas, Communications Director for the Office of Health Care Reform spoke on MSNBC. Linda said "if you have a not for-profit alternative."

A non-profit co-op faces significant start up costs and will be at an early competitive disadvantage. Current nonprofit co-ops have not solved the health insurance ills in various regions of the country.

Dirty Democrats plan to pander to their for-profit health care sponsors. Obama appointed a for-profit insider, Nancy-Ann DeParle as his health care czar. Why is the White House hiding Health Reform Czar Nancy-Ann DeParle? She is absent from the airwaves and Capital reform public testimonial sessions, but her handiwork made the news. Greed is as greed does. Co-op means co-opted.

Deform is coming.

(In the picture above, President Obama is surrounded by politicians with huge for-profit healthcare sponsorship. Many donations come from firms with no facilities in the Senator's state)

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