Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DeParle's Excellent Adventure

White House Health Czar heard the cash register's ka-ching in her short time in public service. Nancy-Ann DeParle's health care stock holdings soared since her appointment.

Cerner Corporation

March 2-$35.25
June 23-$58.28

Her stock soared from $950,000 to almost $1.6 million

Boston Scientific

March 2-$6.66
June 23-$9.76

Her BSX holdings grew from $400,000 to $585,000


March 2-$46.04
June 23-$47.75

Nancy-Ann's Davita shares grew slightly from $1.8 million to $1.86 million

Overall, Ms. DeParle's health care holdings rose from $3.1 million to $4 million, a 28% return in just over three months. Sweet!

Her financial disclosure form indicates all "conflicting assets" have been disposed of. It doesn't say how. When a PEU is the White House Health reformer, words have no meaning anymore. Deform applies to more than language.

(Note: The White House Health Reform Communications Director spoke on MSNBC today. She called Obama's public plan "a nonprofit insurance option." That's quite a redefinition. As an aside, Nancy-Ann DeParle's public time is severely restricted. She won't testify before any Congressional Committees charged with reform. Her media time is carefully choreographed. So far, no reporters have grilled her about her PEU background or any financial conflicts of interest.)

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