Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WMD & NAC Reflect Homo Sapien's Ability to Divide

Two news stories show people's ability to divide and harm. A WMD Commission report predicts a nuclear or biological attack on a major city in the next five years. U.S. Senator Bob Graham called necessary preparations a "civilian on civilian war" in his CSPAN interview. Government diminished as a responsible institution, especially when the Bush administration thwarted the commission’s access to classified intelligence on nuclear proliferation.

Another story dealt with a different hegemonic force in the world, religion. The U.S. Anglican Church plans to start a new chapter. Conservative Episcopal churches drafted a constitution for a new North American Church. Faith dimmed as a uniting, uplifting institution.

How religion and countries can exist together in the same global communion is looking increasingly problematic. Our structures look increasingly fragile and incapable of optimizing on behalf of the whole. Officials practicing division lead the way. Humanity would deliver much, much better.

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