Friday, December 12, 2008

Bush Advises College Grads

President Bush spoke at Texas A & M's graduation. The commencement speaker offered the following:

"Remember that popularity is as fleeting as the Texas wind. Character and conscience are as sturdy as the oaks on this campus," he told the graduates and their families at Reed Arena. "If you go home at night, look in the mirror and be satisfied that you have done what is right, you will pass the only test that matters."

Where does omitting the hospital with the highest patient death toll from the White House Katrina Lessons Learned Report fit? Is it a Fran Townsend skirt blowing in the wind moment? Or was Bush a stand up oak on behalf of for-profit hospital companies, Tenet Health and LifeCare Hospitals? The Carlyle Group purchased LifeCare just weeks before landfall. Carlyle shares a Pennsylvania Avenue address with the White House, 1001 vs. 1600.

The Texas wind blew Jeb Bush onto the Board of Tenet Health in April 2007. Or did the Bush family grow roots in for-profit health care? Uncle Bucky sits on the WellPoint board.

Wind, oaks, popularity, character, conscience? I leave this mix with you. Good luck figuring out how a "robust investigative report" omits the hospital with the highest death toll. If you drop the "ro", that leaves "bust", which sums up the Bush Presidency.

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