Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blue Blagojevich's Bank of America Boondoggle

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich threatened to punish Bank of America for their role in bankrupting a Chicago manufacturer. The next morning he was arrested for corruption, which he selfishly earned.

The Democrat's "pay to play" schemes were way too overt for more subtle blue Chi-town politicians. His gauche self interest stood on display for a political party trying to turn back the sickening "K Street" project, sponsored in just as bold a manner by the red team. Citizens just voted against shameless corruption.

Rumor has it, Rahm Emanuel pulled the plug on Blagojevich. The President elect's Chief of Staff received $10,000 from Bank of America's PAC for his House run. Barack Obama's Presidential run garnered $254,167 from the same BOA Political Action Committee.

Meanwhile $7 trillion in financial interventions and a $1 trillion stimulus package have corporate America foaming at the mouth. Blue lobbyists circle Capital Hill, trying to steer some of that largess to their clients.

Obama isn't sworn in, but the mess that needs cleaning up keeps growing. The New Yorker indicates Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama coached Blagojevich in 2002. David Axelrod wouldn't help, citing concerns about Rod's governing abilities. Those came to pass.

The question isn't which way this disturbing story will be spun, that's away from Emanuel-Obama. It's whether there is anything left to save. Is our federal government one big boondoggle?

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