Saturday, December 06, 2008

General Jeb to Ride in from the South?

With no credible Republican national leaders, a move is afoot to claim regional territory. Political pundits pose a Mel Martinez resignation, opening the door for Jeb Bush in the Senate. Jeb would have to give up those cush private sector appointments:

Lehman Brothers Private Equity adviser
Tenet Healthcare Board of Directors
CNL Bancshares Board
Rayonier Board of Directors

Jeb's cousin, George Herbert Walker, came out on top in the Neuberger Investment Management bid. Tenet, CNL, and Rayonier all have deep Florida connections. Jeb approved numerous financial settlements with Tenet as Florida's Governor.

President George W. Bush did Tenet a huge favor by omitting any mention of Memorial Hospital and their 34 total deaths from his Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned report. Twenty four of those deaths belonged to renter, LifeCare. The Carlyle Group purchased LifeCare just weeks before landfall.

The big money, big political boys look after one another. Brand Bush should be Tainted Tylenol. Jeb's running for anything shows the shallowness of our national leadership bench.

Update 1-29-12:  Jeb is being refloated, given the current toilet bowl of Republican candidates.  

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