Friday, December 05, 2008

Did Tyler Tunnel in Transportation Department?

News reports show Bush political appointees burrowing their way into the federal bureaucracy. The Transportation Department is poised to spend trillions on infrastructure projects, boosted by an Obama stimulus package.

Might Bush public-private partnership (PPP) proponents bury themselves in Transportation? They could steer big money to their private sector friends.

Tyler D. Duvall worked hard to push PPP's as Under Secretary of Transportation. The White House appointed Robert A DeHaan on November 17 to take Tyler's place. Yet, no stories pointed to Tyler's new resting place. Did he go underground? Does he have access to the same Treasury vault as Hank Paulson? When will Tyler come up for air? Stay tuned...

Update: Tyler is a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company

Update 6-16-11: Duvall spoke on the National Infrastructure Bank at the New America Foundation.  He clearly supports the role of huge private equity firms.  He raised the usual PEU threat of capital going to other countries. 

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