Saturday, November 04, 2006

Even Democratic Family Members Imitate Republicans

As the midterm elections near with many Democratic candidates a version of Republican Lite, imitation has now spread to family members. Recently, President Bill Clinton announced a $1 billion investment fund specializing in start up clean energy companies. Their clear aim is to make money off such investments.

As the pursuit of green runs in the family, Chelsea Clinton inked an employment deal with Avenue Capital, a $12 billion hedge fund that specializing in purchasing the debt of distressed companies. The owners of Avenue Capital have donated thousands to Democratic candidates, including Chelsea’s mom. Both proud parents declined to comment on the apparent Republicanization of their child.

President Bush has brother Neil making green off his No Child Left Behind initiative, Uncle Bucky turning a profit from many of his nephew's programs including Medicare Part D, and should Dad still be working for The Carlyle Group, their investments have grown from $13 billion to over $44 billion on George’s watch.

I hope all voters note how America’s first families, the Clintons and Bushes are making hay while the sun shines. The question is what do the hay providers expect in return?

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