Thursday, November 16, 2006

Democrats Run on Cleaning Up Corruption, then Hand Hold Likely Criminals

In the strangest turn of events, Democratic Party leadership is now hand holding Republican leaders instead of looking into their wallets for illicit bills. After assailing the culture of corruption, it appears Democrats might simply jump in bed with the offenders.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi promised last January to enact an ethics package - including a ban on all gifts from lobbyists, disclosure of earmarks, and a two-year wait before lawmakers leaving office can work as lobbyists - if Democrats took back the House.

Well? Why is this missing from their new agenda? Could it be because Nancy’s desirable number 2, Rep. Jack Murtha, has a cloudy ethics past of his own?

Meanwhile soon to be ex-House Majority leader Rep. John Boehner says Republicans can win back the Congress in 2008 by holding Democrats accountable and enacting ethics reform with teeth.

If both parties want ethics reform and the public sent that clear message via the midterm votes, why is it nowhere to be seen? Might it be both parties are addicted to the campaign money trough and have zero desire or incentive to cut off the money slop?

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