Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April ASAC Meeting Cancelled

One City board cancelled 50% of its 2018 meetings, the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee.  The City offered two different stories on the February meeting cancellation.  The City Clerk's office said lack of quorum while Animal Shelter Manager Morgan Chegwidden cited a lack of agenda items. 

City Council undertook two significant Animal items during this period, renewal of its adoption contract and contracting for veterinary services.  The City selected Concho Valley PAWS for both contracts.  PAWS Executive Director sits on the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee and was its former Chair.  

This situation makes it difficult for the ASAC to hold PAWS accountable.  At no time did the Advisory Committee ask about pets being released from the shelter without spay/neuter surgery or rabies vaccinations.  Both are legally mandated, spay/neuter by the city and rabies by the State of Texas. 

The ASAC's role is to advise City Council.  It played no role in the veterinary contract expansion.  This was not the first time City staff bypassed the ASAC on a significant items over the last several years.  I expect it won't be the last.

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