Sunday, January 07, 2018

Dogs Leaving City Animal Shelter Unaltered

A public information request to the City of San Angelo asked for information about dog adoptions over an eight month period.  It sought information on the shelter's compliance with city ordinances requiring pets to be altered (spayed/neutered) and microchipped.  It also sought data on the shelter's compliance with state law requiring rabies vaccinations.  The City's response stated:

"100% of dogs adopted have had their rabies vaccination.  100% of dogs adopted have been spayed/neutered or are scheduled for their surgery."
The city provided a thirty three page document with statistics on 913 dog adoptions.  The document did not indicate rabies or microchip status but it did show whether the pet was altered.  Only 225 of adopted dogs are shown as altered in the city report, while 688 dogs show a need for spay/neuter surgery.

These are the expectations of the adoption vendor per the December 15, 2017 Request for Proposal for Adoptions Services.

The post adoption phone caller could indicate in city records if the pet has been altered, if that is not already occurring. 

Area veterinarians have expressed concern about the high no show rate for Animal Shelter adoptions.  A 50% or greater no show rate makes it difficult for veterinarians to run their practice.  At times veterinary staff have experienced that level of missed spay/neuter appointments for pets originating from the Animal Shelter.

PAWS is the current adoption services contractor for the Animal Shelter.  It should be able to provide actual data as to how it has met city specified requirements, city ordinances and state law.  That would be important information to know as the City considers whether to continue contracting out adoption services or bringing the function back inside city operations.

Below is the three person committee that will review any RFPs submitted, as well as the oversight body that monitors adoption performance in regard to city specifications:

City Council will entertain the RFP for Adoption Services on January 23rd.  There should not be a rush to extend if questions arise regarding PAWS performance.

Update 2-2-18:  Mayor Brenda Gunter asked for statistics on missed spay/neuter appointments.  Morgan started off with calling this rare, then elevated it to occasional.  She said the city has a "tremendous trust in this process where there's a reconciliation.  We know who is outstanding for their surgery and who is not."  One might expect Morgan to have used data from this reconciliation to answer the Mayor's statistics question. 

Update 7-30-18:  Recent online comments assert Concho Valley PAWS ED Jenie Wilson contacted State of the Division with actual compliance information.  I've received no communications from Wilson as of this date.  Another assertion had Wilson share compliance statistics with City Council.  This can be verified by public information request.   

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