Saturday, April 14, 2018

Cal's Convenience Operating San Angelo Stripes Stores

CSP Daily News reported:

A new company, Cal’s Convenience Inc., has acquired the 207 Stripes convenience stores in West Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
Convenience Store News stated:

Sunoco LP stayed local when selecting the commission agent for 207 retail locations in west Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

CAL's Convenience Inc. acquired the stores from Sunoco in a deal that closed in early April. The two sides reached the agreement in December.
The new company characterization is correct as Cal's Convenience registered as a Texas corporation on 11-22-2017.

It's founding President lists January 2018 as the beginning of his term.  The deal was an inside job as Sunoco offered to commission deal to one of its own.

I'm not sure Cal's Convenience Frisco location qualifies as local.  Dallas-Fort Worth is not West Texas.  Many San Angelo locals recall Stripes predecessor was based here before a series of buyouts.

Overnight Cal's Convenience grew to over 4,000 employees but it only has one job posting through Breezy.

There is a Cal's Convenience store in Nebraska, but that's a different Cal's from the Texas startup.

I pondered if Alvin New might end in the Stripes commission agent arrangement.  There is no evidence of New's involvement in Cal's Convenience Inc.  Sunoco LP found someone like Alvin on the inside to do the deal.

Update 4-19-18:  San Angelo Live reported on this story today.  They failed to report Cal's is the new commission agent..

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