Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stripes Under New Secret Commission Agent

San Angelo's Stripes Stores have a new operator as of last week.  

Sunoco LP announced the completion of the conversion of its 207 retail sites located in certain West Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico markets to a single commission agent on April 2nd. With this conversion complete, Sunoco’s transition out of the majority of its convenience store operations in the continental U.S. is effectively complete. 

Under the commission agent model, Sunoco owns, prices and sells fuel at the sites, paying the agent a fixed cents-per-gallon commission. In addition, Sunoco continues to own approximately two-thirds of this portfolio in fee and will receive rental income from the commission agent, who will conduct all operations related to the convenience store and any related restaurant locations. 
Sunoco LP is yet to reveal the name of the commission agent in any SEC filing.  Who should dissatisfied customers contact regarding the operation of a West Texas Stripes convenience store?

Update 4-14-18:  It's Cal's Convenience Stores out of Frisco, TX.  

Update 4-19-18:  San Angelo Live reported on this story today.  It did not reveal the commission agent.

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Unknown said...

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