Tuesday, September 03, 2013

TTU's Riveting Way to Conduct Animal Cruelty

Texas Tech University twice assured the public there were no community cats imprisoned under Drane Hall.  At least twice TTU administrators were proven wrong.  Last week's question was:

"Why would Texas Tech, repeatedly told about cats barricaded without food or water, install privacy shields so the public could not view cats trapped in inhumane conditions?"

There is no animal cruelty without evidence of animal cruelty, that is until someone removed a cover.  Late last week TTU officials were proven again wrong.  TTU police received a report of animal cruelty.

What did an unhinged Hugh Cronin, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management, do in response?  Rather than communicate and collaborate, as initially promised, Hugh ramped up the hardware, riveting in sheet metal and the cover grate. 

Tech should finally fulfill what Hugh Cronin was incapable of doing, honor its initial commitment to work with local animal service organizations on the safe and humane reduction of its longtime feral cat colony.  Hugh Cronin's gone.  His cat war should end.

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