Sunday, September 01, 2013

MedHab's Official Product Launch

Today is the official launch date of MedHab LLC's first product, RPM2.  RPM2 is the retail version of StepRite, MedHab's hoped for medical device.  MedHab's summer 2012 production prediction slipped in at least two ways, time and scope.  The FDA is yet to approve StepRite.  Also, Medicare hasn't allowed for payment for StepRite for post surgical patients undergoing physical therapy.  MedHab made a strategic decision to launch the retail version.  RPM2 is now available on a pre-order basis.   

Update 9-4-13:  BioNewsTexas reported MedHab has been selling product for ten months now.  "Fort Worth-based startup RPM2 has launched its website and is offering its new athletic training product, which has been on the market to coaches and trainers for 10 months, available for retail sale to the public." 

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