Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brief Pause in TTU's Community Cat War

TTU administration allowed a pause in Hugh Cronin's cat war to search for the missing and wounded under Drane Hall.  This good news is tempered by the revelation that Tech wants to drastically reduce its feral cat colony, from eleven feeding stations to one.  Apparently, TTU is incapable of learning from other university's experience, even two in its own system.

TTU Assistant Vice President Hugh Cronin cruelly ruled by brute force, ably supported by Tech mouthpiece Chris Cook.  New TTU President Duane Nellis indicated by silence that he sided with these two liars over Tech's longtime cat caretakers. 

President Nellis, who sat on his hands for an unhinged Hugh Cronin, will have the final say.  He will also be responsible for the severity of TTU's troubles from a slow-motion invasion of unaltered cats from nearby neighborhoods and migrating students.  This is predictable. 

Leaders can't manage what they don't understand and Texas Tech clearly does not understand.  Cats will find their way to TTU's campus.  Does the University want them fixed and managed or fertile and foraging for food?  All signs point to the latter.  

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