Friday, May 18, 2012

Rallo to Be VC-Academic Affairs at TTU

The Standard Times reported:

Angelo State University President Joseph Rallo has been named vice chancellor for academic affairs with the Texas Tech University System. The Board of Regents approved his appointment today. Rallo will begin his duties effective upon the naming of a replacement at Angelo State.

ASU's press release added:

Rallo will oversee system-level strategic planning and help manage the academic profile for each of the system’s component institutions, handling initiatives such as accreditation, academic policies and programs, international affairs and distance education, and online learning. He also will coordinate efforts at the system’s multiple campuses and academic sites, as well as system expansion.
Dr. Rallo's accreditation record at ASU is anything but stellar.  His vision for online learning and distance education involved professors teaching 1,600 students per class.  His strategic planning skills were suspect in his elimination of the Honors Program and ASU's "no layoff" layoff.

Dr. Rallo's silence and compliance during the 2011 Legislative Session paid off with a promotion. Tim Hudson, the most recent occupant of the Vice Chancellor position was in the role less than a year.  Ironically, Hudson became Chancellor at a different ASU, Arkansas State University. 

Does system-level strategic planning mean Rallo will keep his mitts on San Angelo's ASU?  Will he call the shots on ASU's accreditation, academic policies, international affairs, distance and online education?

Dr. Rallo will have a hand in selecting his successor:
The TTU Board of Regents, Rallo and Hance will develop a search process for Angelo State’s sixth president.  
Rallo is in a position to strongly influence the selection of ASU's next President.  Will Rallo's sudden move impact Brian May's expected rise to the top?  Much remains to be seen.

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