Saturday, May 19, 2012

Carr Trust Invests Almost Exclusively with TTU

Carr Foundation IRS filings showed a growing relationship between the Carr Trust and Texas Tech's Long Term Investment Fund after Dr. Joe Rallo arrived as President and Angelo State University joined the Texas Tech System.  By 2011 the Carr Trust invested 98.9% of its corpus with Tech's Long Term Investment Fund (LTIF).

A May 2011 report on Texas Tech's managed investments had a footnote for Carr:

Any non-LTIF balance for Carr is just cash that is either moved to the LTIF or remitted to ASU after this report date.

That means Texas Tech's LTIF is the sole investor for ASU's Carr Foundation.

Oddly, Texas Tech's Long Term Investment Fund is not listed as a nonprofit under Guidestar, nor does it file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment manager.  It appears to be a private investment fund.

In late 2011 Tech's Long Term Investment Fund changed its asset allocation, shifting more resources to Private Real Assets.  That the subject for another post

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