Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ASU's Rallo: "Too Early" to Weigh in on Guns in Classrooms

The Texas Senate moved concealed weapons closer to college classrooms.  The bill would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons into public college buildings.  ASU President Rallo sashayed away from a firm position.  GoSanAngelo reported:

Angelo State University President Joseph Rallo said it's too early to take a position, but points out that the bill still has hurdles to clear before becoming law and may change in the process or face other obstacles.

"As a public university, we will do whatever the Legislature says," Rallo said in a phone interview Monday.
Too early?  There are only three weeks left in the session.  It's darn near too late.

Rallo implied he would weigh in after hearing from students.

Joseph Rallo, ASU's president, declined to offer his personal position on the issue at this point, noting that it was an "evolving process."

"Every campus in Texas is basically asking the same question, and that is 'What is the student perspective?'"
Students spoke loud and clear.

In the third poll on the issue, 67.4 percent of ASU students chose to not allow concealed handguns on campus. 

ASU's police chief is against the bill.  Rep. Darby will receive ASU student feedback and then make up his mind.  I thought Rallo would eventually take a stand, but that's looking doubtful. 

There are only three weeks left in the Legislative session.  Typically, its finals days are an orgy of bill passing, where many things are concealed.

Earlier on Monday, senators voted to allow themselves to carry concealed handguns into places the rest of the public cannot, such as churches, restaurants and sporting events.

Who thought America would have different laws for the ruling class?  It's Texecutive Privilege.

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