Friday, July 15, 2011

Such Matters at Angelo State

Final post from West Texas Matters which I wrote about earlier this week:


I am receiving emails from people who need to share but request that I do not post their comments, even anonymously. What that tells me is that ASU is so damaged that I do not think morale can improve until there are changes in administration. Transparency, openness, and a sense of ownership and belonging must be reinstated. It is my opinion that the current regime is operating like a militaristic dictatorship incorporating fear tactics to keep people from expressing their opinions to the general public. Leaders are treating their "subjects" like ignorant rubes and insinuating that they are lucky to have a job; therefore, they should blindingly obey. 

ASU is broken and there is nothing I can do if people aren't willing to put forth a concerted effort to make changes. But it is too frightening for them. I do not blame them. My heart breaks because in the end it is the very people they are there to serve that end up getting hurt - the amazing students.

I will be taking this website down in a few days. Since I posted it just a few days ago, I have learned many other things about just how bad things are and it makes me feel even more hopeless for what's ahead for ASU. I am not strong enough to tackle that hopelessness alone. 

It is time for me to heal and move on. I will carry the good memories with me always. I remember the days when I was proud to be a part of a fabulous regional institution. My office had an entire wall dedicated to display ASU memorabilia which has long since been removed. Back then, students mattered. Employees mattered. It wasn't all about the numbers. It was about the people.

I wish all my former colleagues nothing but the best in their futures. Hopefully, I will see you again - down a much happier road...

Spoken from the heart and mind from someone who matters.

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