Monday, July 11, 2011

ASU Matters to West Texas

A number of ASU educators, staffers and students kindly shared their aspirations, stories and frustrations about the myriad of changes at Angelo State University.  A frequent contributor opened a website, West Texas Matters.  They state:

As a former employee of Angelo State University, I feared reprisals for speaking my mind about the uncertain future of our once-great regional university. I stressed so much over the inconsistent and unethical actions of administrators that I literally became ill. After two trips to the hospital due to health conditions very much aggravated by job stress, I determined it was time to leave. Several of my colleagues have opted to do the same. Many more wish they could but due to financial and family obligations, they simply have no choice but to stay.

The initial topic of discussion on this website was created for the employees of ASU to speak their minds and share their concerns for the future of ASU with the community. These issues not only affect the well-being of the employees and the university but most importantly the success of our students.

If you would like to submit a comment for me to post anonymously, please send it to Two things to remember:
  • Your anonymity is sacred. I will not reveal email addresses or identities of any kind. Make sure there is nothing in your comment that can lead directly back to you.
  • Incendiary or personally vindictive comments will not be posted. Profanity will be censored in some form.
I hope this forum gives my former colleagues a sense of relief in knowing their concerns will be presented in a safe manner. Please tell others about the website's existence so that they may contribute as well.
The Veterans Administration creatively managed their situation with a critical blogger.  They listened, then had him blog on the VA's behalf. As for ASU blogs, I'm still looking for that Texas Legislative Session blog.  Maybe, it'll be a huge summary post.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the website

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

The author took it down. She needed to clear her head of ASU. That said, her passion for the welfare of students remains.