Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blose's ASU Replacement: May

President Rallo formally announced two internal promotions. 

I am pleased to announce to the campus the appointments of Dr. Brian J. May as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and of Dr. Jason Penry as Vice President for Development. Drs. May and Penry have proven records of success at ASU and will be instrumental in helping us reach our university goals.

Dr. May joined the faculty in 1994 and has served since 2009 as dean of graduate studies, where he has overseen record enrollments. He will serve up to two years as interim provost and is eligible to apply when a full national search is conducted.
A full national search for Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs culminated in April 2010 with the selection of Anthony Blose.  The perfectly suited match crumbled in less than a year. 

As for the appointment of May, one longtime ASU staffer with over ten years tenure offered:

Dr. May was never a department head. He was promoted to Dean of Graduate Studies (without department head experience) because the College of Graduate Studies has no actual faculty. The faculty who teach graduate classes report to the deans of their respective colleges. For example, a Mathematics professor who teaches a graduate Mathematics class reports to the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (formerly the College of Sciences). So, Rallo, in all his wisdom, has put a person who has NEVER managed faculty in charge of ALL faculty for two years. 

How long before Roscoe gets a VP job?  At least Roscoe can lift spirits when things look down.

Update 7-10-11:  The source for the comment on Brian May started a web site to chronicle ASU's sad stories.   It's called West Texas Matters.

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