Thursday, July 01, 2010

Day 72 Sets Record: Supertanker Solution Faces Hurdles

Based on the government estimate of 60,000 barrels per day, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill became the largest ever in the Gulf of Mexico. It passed the Ixtoc I's record of 140 million gallons of oil.

The supertanker solution arrived in the Gulf in the form of the A Whale, a uniquely designer super skimmer. It faces three hurdles before use, EPA permission, Coast Guard approval, and contract signing with BP.

The spill response looks less than "all out" or "very aggressive." It brings to mind the portable hospital that went to the Gulf Coast after Katrina, but waited weeks for permission to deploy.

Update: The Weather Channel reported the government said the A Whale has "limited capability." 500,000 barrels or 21 million gallons of oily water a day is limited? In 1.3 days the A Whale could skim the volume BP's hundreds of skimmers accomplished in 72. It's capacity that should be used.

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