Friday, May 28, 2010

Top Kill Pictures

The top picture comes from the second phase of Top Kill. The lower one is from the first effort. It's difficult to see how the procedure will work on an open system, but I'm cheering for success.

The Obama administration hasn't spoken to the Supertanker question asked during his press conference. Nor has he addressed Matt Simmons' assessment that a much larger leak is nearby.

The rig blew April 20. On April 29 President Obama promised an "all out effort." On May 27 government officials released an estimate of the flow rate. Situational awareness and problem scope are early tasks in disaster management. Matt Simmons said we've wasted 37 days. The clock sits at 39.

Thus far, it's an information abyss, loaded with risk management language. Pay attention to BP's judge shopping in the Petroleum Club. McClatchy caught up with my find, over two weeks later.

Update: The junk shot didn't hold. “I won’t say progress was zero, but I don’t know if we can round up enough mud to make it work,” technician was reported as saying. “Everyone is disappointed at this time.”

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