Monday, May 31, 2010

BP's Risk Management Plumage in Full Display

The AP reported more BP risk management language in response to monstrous oil plumes floating beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico:

On Sunday, BP's CEO Tony Hayward disputed the existence of the plumes, saying testing by the company showed no evidence that oil was being suspended in large masses underwater. Hayward said oil's natural tendency is to rise to the surface, and any oil found underwater was in the process of working its way up.
And the public is supposed to trust BP, which lied at nearly every turn since the Deepwater Horizon blew out on April 20?

Responding to Hayward's assertion, one researcher noted that scientists from several different universities have come to similar conclusions about the plumes after doing separate testing.

Scientists who study the Gulf said their efforts to track the spill had been hobbled by a shortage of research vessels.

BP has no incentive to provide more research vessels to document oil flow and corresponding damage. BP's risk management plumage is in full display, as they issue most of the orders from the Unified Area Command, where President Obama said the government is "potentially in charge."

Despite BP's promise to behave responsibly, their strategy is similar to past disaster perpetrators; deny, delay, claim ignorance, and shift the blame with "unprecedented nature" and "nobody expected" language. This will be a very long haul for justice.

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